dorset Canapes caterers

Everyone loves canapés; they are beautifully inviting and a wonderful delicacy for your guests.

If you are looking for delicious mini mouthfuls, look no further than our impressive canapé catering right here in Dorset.

At The Dorset Catering Company we know that you don’t always need a big buffet for an event or function. Sometimes it is more about small, bite-sized foods to easily eat alongside a glass of fizz (or whatever you preferred tipple!)

With this in mind, we’ve created a delicious range of canapés which are simple to eat, leaving you to mingle, chat and network with your guests, whoever they may be. 


Based in Dorset but operating across the wider South West region and the UK, our dedicated team of professional caterers are on hand to make your event truly memorable with our tasty canapé catering. The exciting thing about these mini mouthfuls is that there are so many different varieties to suit every occasion, meaning your guests always experience a tasty adventure.

How About Personalised Canape Cupcakes?


Looking for personalised cupcakes branded to your company to celebrate an upcoming event? Let us help you make an impact with our personalised canapé cupcakes. Simply get in touch and let us know your flavour and we’ll do the rest.


Not sure canapés are going to fill your guests up? Take a look at our delicious bowl food options.