bowl food catering

Bowl food catering is the perfect option for walking or standing food service events, ideal for venues where space is tight.  

In essence, bowl food dishes are mini meals served in small bowls with a fork. This kind of food is spot on for less formal events as well as for venues where space is sparse. So, if you’re struggling to fit tables and chairs, panic not. Opt for bowl food catering. An ever popular trend on the catering scene, celebrity chefs such as Nigella Lawson champion bowl food catering as the way forward when it comes to entertaining.


What to expect from Bowl Food Catering


Bowl food is simple. If you’re looking for a more substantial alternative to canapés or manapes, bowl food is the perfect choice. Typically made up of sustaining, wholesome food, bowl food catering from The Dorset Catering Company makes your mouth water and your belly sing.

We cater to your individual requirements but are able to cater for three courses if you’re seeking a truly unique dining experience in Dorset. Think sticky sweet noodles, authentic curries, scrummy rice and grains and a selection of tender melt in the mouth meats, combined with fresh locally produced vegetables and you’ll be spot on.